No wonder her music has been featured in 30+ hit TV shows and trailers. This “super hero for the planet” weaves dramatic soundscapes with important messages about the state of our world. Lila Roses’ stance is strong, her voice is quirkily recognizable, and her passionate heart is contagious. 

This Canadian/German LA based singer, songwriter, producer, film-maker and activist isn’t afraid to walk the edge in sound and in sight. She has toured parts of Europe, Canada and the US, and has warmed the stage for acts such as MOBY, Emily Wells, Raury, and Dreamcar among others. The live show is a theatrical multimedia experience featuring a variety of performance artists and the three drummer band including Lila as the fierce, hypnotically “possessed” front person, and third drummer.  

Lila radiates goose-bumps of 'whoa!!!', entrancing listening audiences to tears with primal art-pop. She leads her listeners through what has been called an emotionally liberating healing experience.  

Also a podcast host, nature therapy guide, and animal sanctuary volunteer, her life’s work is devoted to protecting animals and the environment on and off stage. 


Photo/collage Penny Slinger





Sync agent: Andrea Matos andrea@castlepeakmusic.com 

US Booking: Joy Collingbourne Joy@mobagency.com  

European booking: Dominik Schmidt dominik@rolamusic.com  

General inquiries: love@xxlilarose.com


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